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Fresh Herb, Lime Basil
(Ocimum americanum)

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Imagine the culinary possibilities for the refreshing flavor of traditional sweet Basil combined with a bit of a tangy citrus taste...the result is a wonderful zesty combination for fish, homemade Pho, poultry, rice, salad dressings, desserts, and teas. One of the most popular herbs, Basil is a warm weather annual that is not only a perfect addition to the herb garden but for a mixed container garden on the patio, or even in a flower garden.  Grow in a sunny site in average, well drained, garden soil; keep well watered as Basil is quick to wilt once the soil drives out but do not grow in consistently wet soil as the roots will rot.

Harvest:  Basil is easy to harvest and is best used fresh rather than dried!  Just pinch leaves from the tips of the stems anytime after the young plants have reached a height of 6-8 inches. Pinching encourages growth so the more pinching, the more stems!  Be sure to keep pinching stems, even if you aren't going to use the leaves; otherwise, the plant will begin to flower and stop producing leaves.  At the first prediction of even the lightest frost, harvest all of the basil because it will turn black in cold weather.  Just cut the entire plant off at ground level and then pick off the best leaves. The leaves can be dried but freezing best preserves the herbs flavor.  Don't keep fresh leaves in the refrigerator because the leaves will turn brown.

Botanical Name: Ocimum americanum
Ships As: 3-inch pot
Cannot Ship To: AK  AZ  CA  

Hardiness Zones: 1 - 1
Mature Height: 18 (inches tall)
Mature Width: 15 (inches wide)
Group Plantings & Hedge Spacing 15 (inches on center)
Growth Rate: Fast
Soil Preference: Any
Soil Moisture Preference: Moist yet well drained
Sun Preference: Full sun 6+ hrs per day
Deer Resistant: No
Bloom Season: No Blooms
Dormancy: May ship in a dormant state where winter color is not as bold as summer hues

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