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Tip of the Week

[Plant Zone: 1 - 13]

Some insects and small mammals readily kill plants and are damaging pests.  Some do not harm the garden! Though there is no guarantee that they will help, you should learn which garden creatures to protect and encourage to stay in the area.  Here are some of the most helpful garden inhabitants: 

Amphibians, Lizards (toads, frogs and salamanders all feed on insects and certain other garden pests; be sure there is water available at all times or these creatures could die.)

Bats (these small mammals are among the garden-insect-eating champions; never try to catch or touch a bat because they can carry rabies.) 

Birds (many birds are grub and insect eaters; most birds like suet and birds seed, hummingbirds enjoy sugar water in special feeders.) 

Flower fly (brightly colored common flies that often resemble small bees that hover around flowers and their larvae feed on aphids. 

Ground Beetles (a most beneficial garden insect that consumes cutworms and other larvae; don't kill them!) 

Lacewings (the larvae consume large quantities of aphids, mealy bugs and spider mites; look for eggs at the ends of hairlike stalks but don't disturb them.)

Ladybugs (the larvae and adults feed on aphids, scale insects, and mites.) 

Shrews (tiny, above ground relatives of the moles are insect eaters par excellance; they feed constantly yet you may never see them, just hope they are nearby!) 

Spiders (spiders eat lots of insects and mites and can work in your garden day and night.)

October 22, 2017

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