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Trees increase property value, muffle sounds, offer shelter & food to wildlife, or provide cool shade. Accent trees, such as a Japanese Maple or Beech, are uniquely different from other landscape plants and always have some type of unusual, often breathtaking, attention grabbing characteristic. Flowering trees, like Dogwood and Magnolia, provide stunning spring displays. Tall and stately shade trees, think Oak or Sugar Maple, will save energy by keeping the home and yard cooler in summer. Our trees ship year round with soil in the container they've been growing in; they are not held in coolers for dormancy shipment. We do not disturb the roots; we do not ship bare root trees. This means we cannot ship trees to Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, or Washington.

Unavailable Products
  DOGW004G5 - Pink Flowering Dogwood Tree
  DOGW4170G5 - 5 gal. 4 ft. Cherokee Princess White Dogwood Tree
  FRT3874G5PEACH - 5 gal. 5 ft. Diamond Princess Peach Fruit Tree
  FRT3824G5PEACH - 5 gal. 5 ft. Red Haven Peach Fruit Tree
  FRT3832G5PEAR - 5 gal. 5 ft. Bartlett Pear Fruit Tree
  FRT3889G5PLUM - 5 gal. 5 ft. Burbank Plum Fruit Tree
  FRT3826G5APPLE - 5 gal. 5 ft. Honeycrisp Apple Fruit Tree
  FRT3830G5CHERRY - 5 gal. 4 ft. Bing Cherry Fruit Tree
  FRT3831G5CHERRY - 5 gal. 4 ft. North Star Sour Cherry Fruit Tree
  FRT3827G5APPLE - 5 gal. 5 ft. Granny Smith Apple Fruit Tree
  FRT3825G5APPLE - 5 gal. 5 ft. Gala Apple Fruit Tree
  FRT3882G5APPLE - 5 gal. 5 ft. Red Delicious Apple Fruit Tree
  FRT3823G5APPLE - 5 gal. 5 ft. Yellow Delicious Fruit Tree
  PRUN3885G5 - 5 gal. 4 ft. Yoshino Cherry Tree
  PRUN3891G5 - 5 gal. 5 ft. Kwanzan Cherry Tree
  FRT388G5APPLE - 5 gal. 5 ft. Red McIntosh Apple Fruit Tree
  PEAR3778G5 - 5 gal. 5 ft. Cleveland Select Pear Tree
  MAGN908G5 - 5 gal. 2 ft. Royal Star Magnolia Tree
  ACER3812G2 - 2 gal. 5 ft. Red Sunset Maple Tree
  REDB - 5 gal. 5 ft. Eastern Redbud Tree

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