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Fresh Herb, Catnip
Nepeta cataria

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Popular for its pungent flavor and as a yummy cat treat with a euphoric effect, kitties love to smell and to rub against catnip leaves.  Aromatic green leaves can even be dried to slip into cat toys. Bees, butterflies, and birds are attracted to the fragrant lavender blossoms, which appear in early summer.  Candied Catnip leaves are often enjoyed as a dessert; its oil is used to relieve symptoms of headaches and nervousness.  A perennial herb of the Mint family, hardy in USDA Plant Zones 3-9, . Grow in a sunny site in average, well drained, garden soil.  If the summer flowers are cut off, seeds will not form and the plant will not spread.  Hardy, prolific, and easy to grow.

Harvesting leaves:  The harvest can be done at any time during the growing season but best time is when the plant is in flower, as that's the time the oils reach their maximum peak.  Early in the season, the tips of young shoots can be pinched off to encourage a more bushy habit.  To minimize molding, early afternoon after the morning dew has evaporated is the best time of day to cut entire stems at the base of the plant.  Spread the stems across a drying rack and leave them to dry in a cool dark area or bunch the stems together, secure all with a band, and hang the bunches downward in a cool dark area.  Leave the parts to dry for several days until a dried leaf will easily crumble between your fingers.  Separate the leaves and flowers from the stems, then crumble the leaves & flowers into a resealable plastic bag.  Use immediately or store in a dry, dark, cool place for several months.

Botanical Name: Nepeta cataria
Ships As: 4-inch pot
Cannot Ship To: AK  AZ  CA  

Hardiness Zones: 3 - 9
Mature Height: 36 (inches tall)
Mature Width: 15 (inches wide)
Group Plantings & Hedge Spacing 18 (inches on center)
Growth Rate: Fast
Soil Preference: Any
Soil Moisture Preference: Moist yet well drained
Sun Preference: Full sun 6+ hrs per day
Deer Resistant: No
Bloom Season: Summer
Dormancy: May ship in a dormant state with bare branches and no leaves

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