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Fresh Herb, Dill
Anethum graveolens

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The popular dill (cucumber) pickles are flavored with the bitter seeds of this annual herb Dill, which has numerous other flavorful uses too.  Chop fresh dill leaves and use in soups, salads, cottage cheese, potatoes, and to flavor cakes or other pastries.  Or, snip fresh leaves and freeze for later use.  Known to attract bees and butterflies, dill is also a beneficial companion plant for cabbage, corn, cucumbers, lettuce, and onion because it repels insects that attack those vegetables.  Grow in a sunny site in average garden soil.

To harvest seeds when ripe in midsummer, cut the heads and spread thinly on sheets.  When dry, thresh with light rods, then clean and store the seeds in a dry area.  Plants cannot be overwintered outdoors and the plant should be replanted each year.

Botanical Name: Anethum graveolens
Ships As: 4-inch pot
Cannot Ship To: AK  AZ  CA  

Hardiness Zones: 1 - 13
Mature Height: 30 (inches tall)
Mature Width: 15 (inches wide)
Group Plantings & Hedge Spacing 15 (inches on center)
Growth Rate: Fast
Soil Preference: Any
Soil Moisture Preference: Moist yet well drained
Sun Preference: Full sun 6+ hrs per day
Deer Resistant: Yes
Bloom Season: Summer
Dormancy: May ship in a dormant state with bare branches and no leaves

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