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Well, hello there! We are glad you are interested in the hands and attitude behind our plants and packages. It is super important to feel comfortable with the company and its personality before any transactions are done.

So, then ... what can we say about "Us"? Probably for starters, we should mention that we absolutely adore plants! Yes, it is true: Whether it is a tree, shrub, perennial, grass, fern, or another live good, we have the utmost respect for the plant's inherent resilience and determination. The role each individual variety plays in the natural world is, of course, appreciated by our entire staff.

We are in awe of the benefits to our health and well being that a plant can provide. It is for this reason that we are plant stock providers. In essence, all of us here have only one objective: To take our beloved commodity and get it to its new home in the most caringly, kindest manner possible.

We utilize an innovative distribution system like no other, whereby each and every order is processed individually and uniquely. A shipment system designed exclusively for the health and needs of the plant, not for our own conveniences or pleasures, but for the viability of the plant itself. Our dedicated men and women are all striving for the same goal, to ensure all plants are happy, healthy, and not damaged in processing, packing, or shipment.

That's a big commitment to you! We rely on the expertise of all our staff members to make informed decisions related to the best plant practices, understanding that there is no standardization within the plant world, understanding that as the seasons progress so do the plant's needs. Each species, each variety, each individual plant order is treated independently from the others.

And, at our facility, we embrace independence! So, our standard internal shipping policy is this: If, at any point, the plant is deemed to have been compromised in any way, we will not ship it. We'll get a new plant, one that's ready to thrive ... and ... then, we'll begin the process again. Because, let's face it ... much of your success is dependent upon our success. Agreed?

That's the reality of our business, that's the reason behind our efforts. Did we mention that we have a deep, devoted love of plants?!? Our hope is that you join our plant family ... we raise our pots for a toast: "Here's to our plants bringing you the same joys, pleasures, and amazements that we have experienced and seen over the years."

Horticulturally yours,
The Entire Staff of OnlinePlantCenter

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