Flowers!  Tasty herbs!  We are your #1 source for hardy live plants.

We supply home owners, garden centers, restaurants, and backyard chefs with professional, commercial grade, vigorous varieties. Our plants are perfect for cooking, baking, or fresh eating. We offer a wide array of edibles, ranging from those found on grocery store shelves, to the unique original heirloom varieties.  The popular farm-to-table movement is encouraging utilizing local growing outlets, your backyard or patio is as "local" as "local" gets!

About Us

About Us

How we started,
Where we're going

Way back in 1998, at the beginning of the internet itself, we dipped our toes into the e-commerce world, offering a simple assortment of trees & shrubs & perennials to an online crowd.  Over the years, yes amazingly we have been shipping plants across the country for 22 years now(!), we have refined our growing & shipping processes and diversified our product lines to  accommodate the emerging and ever-changing, home & garden industry. Amazingly, we have access to almost every plant out there, everything from trees to shrubs to perennials to herbs to tropicals to houseplants, and on & on & on!  

Here today, we offer over 100 years of nursery experience!  We tap into a huge grower network.  And yet still, almost every day, we learn something new, try something different, and that my friends, is the glory of the plant world.  

Plants have the ability to increase our mental status, to relax our stress levels, to raise our immune systems, to enhance our culinary dishes, to clean our air, and to simply provide beauty to our lives.  Surround yourself with your own selections and enjoy the benefits for you & your family!

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