Our Story

Hey There, All Fellow Gardeners!

We are the founders of OnlinePlantCenter, and we'd like to extend a big WELCOME to the OnlinePlantCenter community!

We’ve always enjoyed being outdoors and have been long-time Northern Zone 5 gardeners and Southern Zone 9 tropical lovers, tinkering around in our yards and landscapes every chance we get.  We don’t really mind getting our hands dirty because dish soap is a terrific invention, helping to get all the soil & such off our hands and from under our nails!

We’ve planted trees, shrubs, perennials, herbs, ferns, ornamental grasses, fruits, vegetables, and lots more in all the right places, and in all the wrong places too.  Some plants we’ve loved to death by providing too much TLC, some plants have succumbed because we severely neglected them.  Our gardens are a work in progress and we’re pretty sure none will never be fully complete.  As “trial-and-error” gardeners, we will never stop learning about the plant world.  That’s what is so interesting and challenging to us:  That there is really no end to the amount of accumulated knowledge that the plant world offers, every year our gardens and yards teach us something new and we sincerely enjoy nature’s instruction.

About 15 years ago, we started looking for ways to create something that would allow us to share our love of plants with others, no matter what Hardiness Zone you live in, no matter how much gardening experience you have.  Not only would our vast expertise be helpful to other individuals, we were also looking to get more freedom and fulfillment out of life itself.

For about 35 years, we owned a wholesale tree & shrub growing facility, primarily selling to landscapers and garden centers, mostly to individuals and companies who know the plants and already know what they want and need for themselves.  Our nursery propagated and grew millions of plants for large & small businesses throughout the USA.  Yes, we’ve been industry leaders for a very long time!

But for us personally, we had just one goal:  To provide busy people with the easiest and best designed outdoor gardens. The internet was just becoming popular, many old-fashioned nurserymen were nay-sayers and thought an online plant business wouldn’t succeed, yet we pressed onward, knowing that this new internet interface would help us get beautiful plants to homes across America!

Hence, OnlinePlantCenter and Kind-A-Gardens were both borne. Our tiny out-of-the-garage business back in 2004 has grown into a community of people that all enjoy the same things, spending minimal time on easy gardening, embracing new trends, and reconnecting to the outdoor world around us.

Over the years, we’ve personally created numerous easy-to-grow garden combos, and by doing the investigations and all the guesswork for you, we’ve taken the time-consuming research out of the garden equation and simply allow you, our wonderful customers, to jump right to the fun of purposeful gardening itself.  No more wondering, no more trying to determine what plants grow best together, no more unknowns.  Yay!!

Today, OnlinePlantCenter has a caring, equally dedicated, knowledgeable, and willing-to-share Creations Team to shed their own insights onto these gardens of the future.  Our goal is to simply provide the products and tools to help you enjoy plants as much as we do.

Horticulturally yours,

    The Cassell’s