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We may be known as a large web-based company, but in reality, we are family owned and operated by down-to-earth, passionate horticulturalists who have been growing premium trees, shrubs, perennials, both in containers and in the field, for over 50 years… and that's A LOT of actual, on-the-ground experience! We're not just employing arborists or horticulturalists... we are those professionals!!

The BEST part? Believe it when we say that we sit right smack in the middle of "nursery-ville". The loamy soil here in northeastern Ohio (yes, right up on the shores of Lake Erie) offers some of the best growing ground in the entire USA. Our winters are cold and harsh, sometimes downright brutal. Plants grown here have to be strong survivalists. Yep: they're definitely hardy!

We also handle plants grown by local Great Lakes farmers (yep, they're horticultural experts too). This means access to some of the finest fruit trees, evergreens, shrubs, perennials, grasses, herbs, and succulents available to the market. And when we refer to "the market", we mean the plants that we ship to your home are identical to the exact same plants delivered to independent garden centers, big box stores, and grocery stores across America.

We're happy people and want to share our smiles with others. Give us a try. Pretty sure, you and your garden will be smiling back! (And just so you know: Should you ever need help with your landscape, we just may know where to find some individuals who are very willing to share their vast plant knowledge with you).

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