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Chicken-Friendly Gardens

Chickens are known to be landscape destroyers! But, a properly planned garden can co-exist with their destructive nature. Chickens can destroy plants in many ways. They can eat foliage, they can uproot plants in search of tasty soil insects, they can bury plants with their scratching, or erode the soil around the base exposing the plant's sensitive root zone. It is not practical to grow plants within the runs of confined chickens; if they do not have choices in their foraging, they will eventually devour anything green. For free-range chickens, we recommend the following plants. These selections will give you ideas on plants to grow for chickens to live in harmony with, to provide protection and safe shelter for, and to offer foraging foods. We've chosen plants that are dependable & tough, some will self seed to help in long-term survival. Introduce chickens to the new landscape slowly, allowing time for bird supervision to note which plants the chickens particularly favor and subsequently make efforts to protect any plants at risk.

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