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Sneeze Free Gardens

Do you love to be out in the garden yet the beautiful flowers aggravate hay fever or other allergies? Keep sneezing, runny noses, and watery eyes at bay by choosing these flowering beauties which offer low amounts of pollen or are pollinated by insects rather than wind. Unfortunately, no matter how allergy-friendly your garden is, high pollen count days will make anyone with allergies miserable. More tips: If your garden is surrounded by grass, be sure to keep it cut very low to minimize seed production. It may help to wet the grass before gardening or surrounding the garden with a rock barrier. Using pebbles instead of traditional mulch will reduce molds from decaying organic mulches. Garden on cool wet days instead of windy days. Avoid trees & shrubs when in flower or when foliage is emerging in springtime. Wear lightweight clothing along with hats & sunglasses to protect from airborne particles.

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