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Hibiscus Tropical Brilliant Red Flowering Shrub (Red Flowers) in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

Hibiscus Tropical Brilliant Red Flowering Shrub (Red Flowers) in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

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A true thriller of a tropical shrub with glossy green foliage and attention grabbing, bright cardinal red flowers that have ruffled edges, red eyes and yellow anthers. Butterflies and hummingbirds are drawn to the large, showy blossoms. Blooms nearly year round in mild frost-free climates. With its upright, multi-stemmed habit, the dark green foliage remains all Winter, creating an ideal hedge, screen, or background planting. When grown in the ideal conditions of USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9b-11, Fiesta will quickly grow to be about 8 ft. tall x 6 ft. W at maturity. Grows best in full sun to partial shade. Requires a consistently moist well drained soil. Easy to grow and well suited for consistently moist patio pots.

  • Botanical Name:  Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Brilliant
  • Highly tolerant of urban pollution, thrives in inner city environments
  • Low canopy suitable for planting under power lines
  • Considered deer resistant
  • Frost tender evergreen that can also be grown as a sun-loving houseplant
  • Ships in a 10 in. tall and wide black nursery pot and plant will be about 30 in. tall after planting
  • Performs best in USDA plant hardiness zones 10 to 12 to grow in other zones, it is best to treat the plant as an annual and replace each year
  • To accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 3 ft. away from other plants or structures
  • Plant in a sunny site in southern climates only prefers a consistently moist yet well drained soil with high organic content
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