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Ilex Sky Pencil Japanese Holly Shrub in a 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

Ilex Sky Pencil Japanese Holly Shrub in a 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

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The naturally thin, upright columnar, densely branched habit of this evergreen shrub is commonly found as an elegant formal statement or as a vertical accent for a patio pot. Unlike other holly, its tidy, round, dark green foliage lacks sharp points making an ideal plant for decks, patios and entryways. Prefers acidic soil although adapts well to any well draining soil or potting soil. A handsome evergreen shrub, slowly growing to 6 ft. to 10 ft. Tall x 1 ft. to 3 ft. W when left untrimmed, very easy to prune to desired height.

  • Botanical Name:  Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil
  • No prickly leaves
  • Easy to transplant and urban tolerant
  • Prized for it's elegant-year round dark green foliage
  • Slow growing
  • No pruning required to maintain it's naturally thin upright shape
  • Outdoor hardy only in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 to 9
  • Not self fertile, produces no berries unless a pollinating male variety such a blue prince holly is nearby, berries are toxic
  • Prefers light, slightly acidic, moist yet well drained soils but is highly adaptable to most soil types as long as they are well draining
  • To accommodate mature size, space about 24 in. away from other plants or structures, for hedges, space 24 in. on center
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