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Philodendron Selloum Plant in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

Philodendron Selloum Plant in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

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An easy care indoor houseplant, this Philodendron has beautiful broad shiny leaves that are large and deeply lobed, adding a tropical look to your home. Its long leaf stems can grow up to 5 ft. L, creating interesting shadows because of the unique cutout leaf edges. Native to South American rainforests, the plant grows best when the understory jungle environment is mimicked, dappled filtered bright light, high humidity and an indoor temperature above 70° F. Unlike other Philodendron, the 'Selloum thrives in well-drained, moist but not soggy soil. In ideal environment, will grow to 5 ft. tall x 3 ft. W. It is important to keep this plant away from small children and pets, like curious cats, because while they improve the home's air quality, if ingested, they are also slightly toxic to humans and animals. Grow outdoors in warm climates as a large entryway accent, around the pool, beside a deck or patio, as a corner-of-the-house shrub or as a decoration for a blank wall. In cooler areas, simply grow as a houseplant.

  • Botanical Name:  Thaumatophyllum bipinnatifidum
  • Magnificent, massive plant bring the look of the tropics to your yard or home
  • Grow in a container near the pool, on a patio or balcony or indoors as a houseplant in cooler climates
  • Plant that loves the heat and humidity of the southeastern USA
  • Considered deer resistant, generally bugs rarely bother them
  • Ships in a 10 in. tall and wide black nursery pot and the plant itself is approximately 15-18 in. tall
  • Hardy in USDA plant zones 10-11, in other cooler zones, simply grow indoors as a houseplant in a site that mimics an understory rainforest environment
  • To accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 5 ft. away from other plants or structures
  • Plant in most well draining potting soils, water regularly by keeping soil moist but not soggy, mist leaves with water everyday
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