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Rhaphiolepis Indian Hawthorn Flowering Shrub (White Flowers) in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

Rhaphiolepis Indian Hawthorn Flowering Shrub (White Flowers) in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

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Thriving in the heat, hot Sun and moderate humidity of the warmer Southern climates, the Indian Hawthorn shrub is ideal for hedges, foundation plantings and patio containers. Showy fragrant star shaped white flower clusters appear in Spring followed by inedible small dark blue fruits. These small berries remain on the plant throughout Winter, providing food for wildlife such as deer. Densely foliaged, evergreen shrub with bronzy foliage that slowly matures to a deep green color. Naturally grows in a neatly rounded shape, mature height is between 3 ft. to 6 ft. tall and wide. Easy to care for when planted in a Sunny site with well drained rather moist (not boggy) soil and good airflow.

  • Botanical Name:  Rhaphiolepis indica
  • Showy star shaped flowers in spring
  • Relatively small shrub ideal for hedges
  • Not toxic to humans or pets
  • Not an invasive species
  • Slow growth rate, fewer than 12 in. per year
  • Grows best in full Sun, it will become scraggly in shady sites
  • Grows best in moist well drained soil, some drought tolerance once established
  • Ships in a 10 in. tall and wide black nursery pot and the plant itself is approximately 15 in. tall
  • Hardy in USDA plant zones 8-10, this plant is not outdoor Winter hardy and must be protected from prolonged temperatures below 55°F
  • Prune to shape immediately after blooms fade in late Spring
  • To accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 2 ft. away from other plants or structures
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