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Philodendron Xanadu Plant in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

Philodendron Xanadu Plant in 10 in. (3 Gal.) Grower Pot

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With a tidy compact habit, this much loved air purifying Philodendron with its soft bright green glossy leaves adds a tropical feel to a small home or apartment. Low maintenance easy going, ideal for beginners with no pruning required, thrives in sun or shade yet prefers a partly shaded location, rarely bothered by pests or disease, and usually only need a once-a-week watering. More of a spreading rather than vertical habit, tending to grow in a more horizontal direction yet still just 1-2 ft. tall and wide. Indoors, grow in medium to bright indirect light, and outdoors, an area with light shade is best. Grows larger when planted outdoors about 3 ft tall by 5 ft wide, keep year round outdoors only in USDA Plant Zones 9-11, in all other areas the plant is typically grown as an indoor house plant. Its warm weather outdoor uses are numerous including near home foundation, surrounding palms and other trees, tropical garden accent, along the edge of a patio or deck, lining a driveway or pathway, in a pretty pot for the patio, lanai or pool area.

  • Botanical Name:   Thaumatophyllum ‘Xanadu
  • Popular and common house plant
  • Good choice for inexperienced and beginning plant owners
  • Excellent clean air plant, eliminating harmful chemicals from the air
  • Rarely bothered by pests or disease
  • Considered deer resistant, toxic to pets and children
  • House plants can add more life to your home: helps to purify indoor air by absorbing toxins and removing harmful chemicals. boosts mood, productivity, concentration and creativity. helps with reducing stress to promote better sleep
  • Ships in a 10 in. tall and wide black nursery pot, and the plant itself is on average approximately 12 in. tall
  • Outdoor hardy only in USDA plant zones 9 to 11, it is not recommended to grow this plant outdoors in cooler regions, ideal home or garden temperature is between 65°F to 80°F with 40% to 80% air humidity, this tropical plant is not frost tolerant and cannot survive in temperatures below 60°F
  • Accommodate mature size or when planting in groups, space 3 ft. away from other plants or structures
  • Thrives in most average garden soils
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